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It's always great when the achievements of Wright Rhythm dancers are recognised. Most recently it's Charlotte Field who has been getting her face in the local press (well, her school newsletter). She gave a great interview telling the world about the joys of dancing and that Wright Rhythm is the best club in the area, if not the world!

Published Monday February 12 2007 , by Peter Normand

The Hot Seat - Charlotte's Interview

Every term in VSN we will be finding out about the sporting life of one of our Gifted and Talented students. This issue it is the turn of Charlotte Field our Ballroom and Latin American dancer. Charlotte is in Year 10, read on as Charlotte is placed in "The Hot Seat".

The Hot Seat

Hi Charlotte, we understand that you are making it big in the world of Dance! Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I do Ballroom and Latin American Dance, I am a member of a club called Wright Rhythm, which is based in Chingford and Bush Hill Park.

What has been your biggest success so far?

I qualified for the UK Championships which take place in Blackpool in April 2007. I had to qualify through the Southern Area Championships which was in Haywards Heath in October and November. I came 4th in the Ballroom competition and 1st in the Latin American. There is a competition called Supadance which you gain points for at competitions throughout the year, if you get enough points you qualify for the finals which take place in North Wales.  This year I came 1st in the South of England for both  dances adn 2nd inthe UK.

Who influenced you to start dancing?

My Mum rang up a club in Enfield wen I was 5 because she wanted me to take up dancing. I went along and really enjoyed it. I then became really good at it so joined my current club two years ago because they are a better club.

How often do you train? Is it an expensive activity?

I train twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour, sometimes two, and I also help out with other classes on a Saturday. This includes partnering othere and helping the younger children who train during this time. A dress can cost up to £500, shoes can cost up to £70. We also have to pay fees for entering competitions and sometimes we have to pay to hire halls and also accomodation if we are performing far away, so it can be quite and expensive hobby!

How much would you say training helps you improve you performance?

Training helps a lot, the more you practice the better you get, also it can be difficult in Ballroom dance because we have a partner to work with and if they can't train or get injured it can be a problem.

What would you say to youngsters who want to get involved in dance?

Look out for adverts in newspapers or leaflets through doors. There are not that many clubs around this area but there are definately two so get in touch with them and give it a go! It's really good for keeping you fit and is a really social activity, you meet lots of people for your own and other clubs and when you go away for competitions for a few days it's a really good laugh.


We think Emma Bunton is the best, but, Charlotte, who do you think is going to win Strictly Come Dancing?

I think Mark is going to win it becuase he has been the best dancer so far. I though it would be between Louisa, Emma or Mark but Louisa went out. It's a good programme because it gets people interested in dance and I watch it to get some good ideas.

Thanks Charlotte, good luck at the UK Championships in April, we will let our readers know how you get on!

Thank you and keeeeep dancing!





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