Editorial: What a Year! So, as 2007 draws to a close, it's the time of year that we reflect on what has gone and look forward to what the future may hold.

Published Monday December 31 2007 , by Peter Normand

2007 - A Retrospective

The School

Over the last year the school has grown dramatically thanks to the resurgence in popularity of ballroom dancing and our growing reputation as not only one of the best competitive schools but also one of the friendliest and most welcoming.  It has been a joy to see so many new faces, from complete beginners to experienced competitors so quickly becoming part of everyday life at the studio and wonderful to welcome back some old friends into the family.  At times it has felt a bit like trying to dance down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve but good spirits and polite manners tend to win through and, let's face it, without people it would just be an empty room.

It has also been great to have so many people becoming more and more actively involved in helping out, partnering, teaching and generally supporting one another.  Dancers who probably still think of themselves as beginners have stepped into the limelight at competitions proving they have what it takes and inspiring the next generation.  Without the commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to 'just do it' life would be much harder for the principals.

IDTA Nationwide Finals

It was another record year for us at Blackpool with 41 competitors, 10 of whom made finals and with 3 winners.  As well as the finalists it was also very encouraging to see how well the less experienced dancers performed particularly the first-timers who didn't let the pressures of the occasion get to them and were a credit to themselves and the school.  Of course there were disappointments as well some of which were just inexplicable showing that even the best of us can have off days.  Overall though it was an amazing event and set the tone for the rest of the year.

Supadance Finals

Individuals had their chance to shine at Blackpool in the Spring but when Autumn arrived it was time for another trip up north to demonstrate that our teams could be champions too.  Prestatyn may have been cold and wet outside but on the dancefloor the competition was red hot.  This was the time when we could see the experienced dancers lead from the front and everyone else pushing them all the way.  With every team making the final of their events the results demonstrated the strength in depth and superb team spirit within Wright Rhythm.


2007 was also the year that saw Wright Rhythm cement its reputation for putting on superb show with demonstrations at some of London's most prestigious venues including the Park Lane Hotel.  We're already taking bookings for 2008 and it looks like this could be valuable new string to the Wright Rhythm bow.

Next Year

There is much change in the air at Wright Rhythm as partnerships are shuffled, new classes are started and we wonder what dancing challenges we will be faced with next year. With so many qualifiers for the Nationwide finals in April (51!) it seems certain to be another successful year. No doubt there will be tears, fall outs and tantrums but these will easily be outweighed by the good times, fun and successes. Who will be the ones to really shine in 2008? Which beginners will rise through the ranks like meteors? Where will the first gold medal of the year come from? There's only one way to find out...

School Trophies

Every year we recognise the best, most committed and most improved dancers at Wright Rhythm by awarding cups at a special ceremony.  This years winners were:

Cup  2007 Winner(s)
Dancer Of The Year Kyle Magee
Junior All-rounder Jemma Stripling
Adult All-rounder Peter Normand
Senior All-rounder Debbie Clarke
Juvenile 1 Carys Woods
Juvenile 2 Hannah Bonner
Junior 1 Connor McCabe
Junior 2 Jemma Stripling
Adult 1 Kyle Magee
Adult 2 Peter Normand
Senior 1 Linda Lines
Juvenile Couple
Holly Freeman and Hannah Bonner
Junior Couple Connor McCabe and Jemma Stripling
Adult Couple Kyle Magee and Rebecca Woolnaugh
Senior Couple
Howard Lewis and Gillian Lewis
Junior Improvers Chris Williams
Adult Improvers Becky Emmott
Senior Improvers John Sneath / Carol Elsbury
Team All Ladies:
Alexandra & Ashleigh, Hannah & Holly,
Katia & Tania, Nichole & Carys
Under 16s Social Nichole Wimble
Over 16s Social Steve Cairns
Juvenile Newcomer Charlie Klysz
Junior Newcomer
Angelina Korotchenko
Adult Newcomer
Laura Klysz / Lee Boocock / Russell Matthews


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