Editorial: Can it really be a year since I sat down to review 2009? I guess time flies when you're having fun...

Published Thursday December 30 2010 , by Peter Normand

2010 - A Retrospective

Blackpool Trophy LineSteve & Carol Junior Mums Senior Team Jemma & LizzieAndy Withers

2010 - A Retrospective

Can it really be a year since I sat down to review 2009?  I guess time flies when you're having fun...

My overall impression of 2010 is that it has been a year of consolidation with everyone in the school at every level raising the standard of their dancing and their expectations at competitions.  A year of evolution rather than revolution. There have been some incredible highlights - who could forget Jemma's feats at the Ballroom and Latin finals in April partnering three winners and nine finalists and our Junior and Juvenile Supadance teams showed us how far they have come with their superb display at the Supadance finals.  There have been some upsets with Kieran and Jemma both suffering significant injuries from which we hope they recover soon.  We've welcomed new dancers to the school (hello Geoff, Mandy and Rhona!) and others have moved on to pastures new but we hope they all stay in touch.

2010 was also the year that Modern and Classical Sequence cemented itself into the Wright Rhythm diary as the small team from 2009 expanded both in the number of competitors and its cheerleaders.  We're still very much on the learning curve with this branch of dancing but, with 10 Blackpool trophies, we're learning fast and next year could really be interesting - watch out for the qualifiers in February.

Ballroom and Latin is still the staple for the school though and the improvement in the quality of dancing was clearly in evidence at the qualifying events for both adults and under 16s with almost everyone who entered qualifying.  In particular the juniors who, with just six of them, managed to come home with 10 trophies, four of which were firsts and everyone qualifying for Blackpool.  So next April we'll be heading up to Blackpool with 39 competitors all of whom will be focussed on going beyond their personal bests and achieving more than last year.

    Cheer Kyle & Carys Laura

School Trophy Winners

Better late than never...

 Trophy  Winner(s)
DANCER OF THE YEAR Jemma Stripling
Highest results in all disciplines Jemma Stripling, Kyle Magee, Holly Freeman
Stardance Georgia Massey 
Juvenile 1 Charie Klysz 
Juvenile 2 Ryan Andrews
Junior 1 Holly Freeman
Junior 2 Carys Woods 
Adult 1 Jemma Stripling
Adult 2 Kyle Magee
Senior 1  Debbie Holden, Gillian Klien
Senior 2 Rafiq Ahmed
Junior Couple Jon Willians / Carys Woods
Adult Couple Kyle Magee / Jemma Stripling
Howard Lweis / Gillian Klien
Senior Couple Anthony Aardeman / Laurie Aardeman
Overall Improver Fiona Wood
Adult Improver Lizzie Harrison, Zoe Giles, Jenni Mistri
Senior Improver Glenn Magee
Adult Social Glen / Joan
Social Newcomer Carol Segal
Adult Newcomer Jale Ali
Adult Double Award

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