Wright Rhythm School of Dance
Site Upgrade is Pending Completion
The whole site has been upgraded to provide better interactive facilities for members and, most of all, to provide a new, responsive skin that works well on tablets and smart phones. However, this has been a big undertaking and the Competition Reports from the old site have not yet been ported across. This will be done in the fullness of time.
Competition report and Photos

Many students from Wright Rhythm find that one of the most enjoyable aspects of dancing is taking part in competitions. With there being so few formal dances they give everyone an opportunity to dress up in their finest and dance the day away. There are competitions for individuals, couples and teams. Sometimes we do very well, sometimes we don't do quite as well as we had wished for however we have a good time and there is always a great team spirit to rely on. These are informal reports and photos from most competitions, if anyone would like to contribute a report, photograph or anything else to the site, please contact us through the feedback form