2008 Wright Rhythm Cup Winners

Published Thursday January 15 2009

Cup 2008 Winner(s) Dancer of the Year Kyle Magee / Debbie Clarke Adult All-rounder Steve Paine Juvenile 1 Carys Woods Juvenile 2 Charlie Klysz Junior 1 Holly Freeman Adult 1 Kyle Magee Adult 2 Jemma Stripling / Becky Emmott Senior 1 Debbie Clarke Juvenile Couple Charlie Klysz / Nichole Wimble Senior Couple Glenn & Sylvia Magee Junior Improver Alexandra Withers Adult Improver Steve Paine Senior Improver Gillian Lewis Team Award Juvenile Wright Dazzlers Alex Bromfield & Poppy Phillips, Oliver Bromfield & Karris Bishop-Downes, Ryan Andrews & Aleesa Panteli Juvenile Social Ryan Andrews Junior Social Chris Hespitis Adult Social Andrew Normand Juvenile Newcomer Jessica Smith Junior Newcomer Elle Hutchinson Adult Newcomer Alex Cane / Adam Wojcik Senior Newcomer Antony Ardeman / Laurie Ardeman

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